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Once upon a time…. just teasing!

The list started about 30 years. I was making the giant decision about going to college or not and by this time I was a full-on Tony Robbins fan, so I knew enough to write down all the things I wanted to make happen in my life. So, I started this “Master Life List” to capture all my amazing hopes and dreams – because life was about to get seriously “real”. I was moving out on my own and whether or not I was going to go to college I knew I was about to enter a “heads-down-work-your-but-off phase” and I didn’t want to forget all the amazing stuff I wanted to do in the crazy lifetime. So, I jotted it all down in a fo-leather red journal and went off to college.

College was…. hard…. not really “life-inspiring” but necessary to learn, grow my confidence and get a degree so I could actually get a job that was “inspiring” and where I could launch all my master life goals. Don’t get me wrong – some amazing things happened in college – like I met the handsome man of my dreams and developed the most loving and loyal girlfriends anyone could ever ask for (the first “The List” fans!!).

College was “whatever”, but The List talks were AWESOME!! We were meeting, talking, doing, planning and it was soooo fun. A few of us were sharing our ideas, dreams and goals and then helping one another move them forward if we could but were entering a new phase of life and it was time to buckle down and “wow” our new bosses at our new corporate gigs – we were off and climbing the corporate ladders, building our loving relationships and fitting in a little girlfriend time between it all.

Life changed but the list was a solid topic of conversation – it was so much fun to hear what everyone was making happen and all their new plans and ideas and it spurred women around us to dream different and try different and new things – it was just PURE FUN!

While that was happening with my girlfriends, Mr. McHottie (husband) and I were having fun, going on some wild life adventures (like with wildlife – say that 5x fast!).

Again – just pure FUN….as I was playing around (creating, living, doing – you know – listing, living, loving) I started to think about how I could turn this “List” into more of a concept to create even more fun and maybe help a few people add some fun into their lives – the brilliant idea that came next was to go back to school for my MBA so I could learn how to run this business I wanted to start. Seriously, the longest route to entrepreneurism a girl could take. But – getting an MBA before I turned 40 was on my list so it was like – you know – 2 birds/one stone (what is a more positive saying than this?) – you can guess how this turned out right? MBA but no business – you don’t get an MBA to start an entprenisuer business you get it to climb the mighty corporate ladder – so I did.

Fortunately, during this living and listing and doing, I was introduced to so many amazing women that I had mentors and leaders and guides to help me find my way and a lovely piece of advice - get a “good-enough” job so that you could still persue my entrepreneur dreams – sounds perfect right? Except that - there is not a straight line from A-B, and I already picked the wrong (longest) fork in the road and I was about to go down it again – how in the world do you make an entrepreneurial business idea happen?

While I was trying to figure the business part out – amazing experiences were being had by my “Listers” – they were writing things down and making them happen – talk about amazing conversations. I was addicted, I wanted more time to focus on creating experiences and honing in on what elements were making “The List” work. I discovered several things – when we write down our hopes and dreams, they are drawn to us. When one woman rises up, we all shine. When you focus on what you want and helps other do the same, amazing things happen (good vibes – rinse and repeat!).

There were a few secrets to getting The List to really work and implementing was fun and rewarding and the list seems to be the key…..maybe even the best kept secret to a happy, well, lived sprint around this sun!

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