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Work-life Harmony. For me it’s about discovering my perfect mix, not someone else’s. It’s not about striving to achieve some false constant balance in my life, but acknowledging that my life is a mixture of talents, skills, activities, events, etc. - Work life harmony is about arranging my life so that the different parts are in harmony. Design my life. Assess my life. Live my life. Then, I ask myself what it takes to live a joyful life.

This has helped me focus more on what makes me feel present, self-aware, healthy and happy. I can be actively working on my list, my career goals, responding to emails, sharing content on social media and still keep in touch with my friends which in turn makes me feel joyful, valued, and connected.

Work-life harmony creates a progressive career & personal development that is centered on my strengths, interests, values and visions. This is another way I get to revisit my personal SWOT analysis to see what has changed or improved and what I need to still work on.

Work-life harmony is my daily reminder - Vonda don't stop living while chasing your dreams.

Eat and drink healthy

Go out with friends

Binge watch a good movie or documentary

Take care of your body

Travel when you can

Love yourself

Be kind to yourself

Be kind to others

Embrace new ideas

Let go of attachments

Let go of relationships that don’t serve you

Practice gratitude

Create your lists

Create action plans for those lists

And most importantly…

Stop putting your life on hold.

So many women I talk to struggle to find that harmony when it comes to being a working woman and living a life they love. Time is precious and we get ONE life, which is part of why the List was created.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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